Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together a diverse community of entrepreneurs to create a network of leaders who inspire each other, elevate their businesses and support their communities.

Our Promise

Our promise at Veterans Leadership Conference is to serve veterans by providing a high-impact event to fulfill your mind, body and soul while delivering inspiration, creating massive value and empowering you to positively impact your communities.

Our Values

The courage to invigorate change for a prosperous future.

Working together brings together strengths that help each other grow.

Giving a helping hand to support each other and our communities brings value like no other.

An inclusive environment that fosters the ability for anyone to succeed.

About Us

Join fellow veterans and entrepreneurs engage in a one day, high-impact event to elevate your business to the next level! Listen to experienced entrepreneurs speak of their trials and successes that will inspire, motivate and enable you to increase your effectiveness. Experience the Veteran’s Leadership Conference and take yourself to The Next Level of Excellence!

Next Level of Excellence

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Sophia Jones

This can be you!!

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Harold Green

This can be you!!

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Grant Harvey

This can be you!!

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Kate Lewis

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Kelly Johnson

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